Fig 0. User registration

Fig 1. Log-In

Fig 2. To add a new folder, click 'Add' icon

Fig 3. Select folder type and fill Title field. Click '[[Add]]'.

Fig 4. To change the curret folder, click the folder title.

Fig 5. To add a new bookmark in the current folder, click 'Add' icon

Fig 6. Select bookmark type, fill Title and URL fields, and Click '[[Add]]'.

Fig 7. To change bookmark properties, click the bookmark icon left of title.

Fig 8. Change the Title, URL or Description fields, and click '[[Change]]'.

Fig 9. Description appears on the right side of the Title.

Fig 10. To visite a bookmark, click the title of the bookmark.

Fig 11. To move a bookmark in the current folder to another folder, click the icon.

Fig 12. Click '[[Move]]'.

Fig 13. Select a folder to move the bookmark to.

Fig 14. The bookmark has been moved.